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Benefits Of KRIS Document Management System

Document managemement system business benefits

No Duplicated Folders

Tight & established folder structure. No more creation of inappropriate or duplicate folders by users. Users will systematically file to the right folders

No Confidential Information Leakage

Only authorised personnel can access sensitive information. Control access by hierarchy, department, project team etc. Safeguard files such as HR personnel files, high-level meeting minutes and more. No more unauthorised access, modifications and deletions within the company.

Transit to Paperless Easily

Scanning services are available. If you prefer to do so yourself, we will assist to recommend on the best practices on How to Scan, What to Scan & How to Store. Be sure to fulfil auditing policies.

Fast Search

All You Need to Access Any Document Within Your Document Management System
Use A Powerful Search that searches even within the content of documents.

Email Records Kept Safe

Within MS Outlook, Saves Entire Email Conversation & Related Conversations. Holistically grip the context and history related to the matter.

Lighten Load with Workflow & Automation

Have documents automatically routed from one co-worker to another for different stages of processing & approval

EDG Grant for Document Management System

We work with approved Practising Management Consultants (PMC) to assist with the end to end Grant Approval process.

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