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Keep things moving. Easily review, comment, and approve within automated workflows

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Features of KRIS Approval Workflow Software

1. Request submission

Users can initiate approval requests by submitting relevant information and documents.

2. Routing & escalation

KRIS Approval Workflow Software routes the request to the right approvers based on predefined rules.

3. Notification & reminders

Automated notifications and reminders are sent to approvers to ensure timely action.

4. Commenting & feedback

Approvers can provide comments or feedback within KRIS.

5. Audit Trails

KRIS maintains a detailed history of all approvals, including who approved, rejected, or requested changes.

6. Customizable workflows

Allows organizations to configure the workflows according to their specific needs.

7. Document Management

Attach and manage documents within the approval process for easy reference and record-keeping.

Examples of Approval Workflows

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Quick Start

Choose from a selection of Pre-designed Approval Workflow Templates for quick implementation, or customize your workflows to accommodate various objectives.

Approval Workflow Software with E-signature

  1. KRIS e-signature feature is secure and tamper proof. Developed with adherence to digital signature standards. It allows you to approve and sign-off documents remotely.
  2. E-signature can be incorporated into workflows and signed documents and records are securely filed automatically.
  3. Seamless integration with DocuSign and Adobe Sign.
document management system singapore dms single source of truth

One single source of truth. Always audit ready

Workflow Approval Documents are automatically filed.

Instantly access and manage your Documents in a secure, centralized repository with role-specific permissions. Our advanced search swiftly navigates content, ensuring you find what you need with ease.

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Be prepared for audits by having all necessary records at you finger tips

No more worries about missing documents

Keep information in one place and organized. This helps to keep knowledge even if staff leave or time passes. It also helps us have proof of business deals when needed.

Email records kept safe

Use KRIS Microsoft outlook plugin to save all email conversations as records. This will allow you to easily see the complete history of the topic.

Get 14 years of knowledge in corporate governance best practices

We created KRIS using the best practices from 14 years of corporate governance. If your department uses KRIS, they will naturally be using the best practices too.

Security Trust by Singapore Government agencies

Battle-tested data security

Successfully passed extreme penetration tests over 14 years. KRIS is trusted & deployed in various Singapore government agencies.

Role based access to prevent leakage of confidential information

Only people with permission can see important information. You can choose who can see it based on their job level, department, and team. Keep files that have private information, like HR files and meeting notes, safe. Make sure no one can see, change, or delete things they shouldn’t in the company.

An Approval Workflow Software for a paperless office transition

Transit and maintain a paperless & clutter-free office

KRIS is designed to be the foundation to a truly effective paperless office. It has the features to manage this digital transition and to maintain it.

Safe transition to paperless office

Our Certified Consultant can recommend best practices on how to migrate your physical workflows to electronics ones.

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Flexible & Scalable Pricing

Suit companies of all sizes, ensuring flexibility and scalability to ease your mind. Rest assured, we've got you covered.

Per User /Month

Centralize your documents, collaborate, transit to paperless office, and always be audit-ready

200 GB
Real-Time Collaboration
Full Text Search
Role-based Access
Controlled Document Deletion
Audit Trail on User Activites
Ironclad Data Security
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KRIS Enterprise
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Custom Solution

End-to-end solution for document & record lifecycle. With email record management



E-mail Filing via MS Outlook
Customisable Metadata
Retention Policy & Archival
Active Directory
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Custom API Integrations
Choice of Onsite or Cloud Server
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Trusted by

document management system singapore (DMS) client MOE
document management system singapore (DMS) client NTUC
document management system singapore (DMS) client SFA
document management system singapore (DMS) client NAC
document management system singapore (DMS) client ACRA

Peace of mind

One central secure document repository for all critical documents & emails of the company