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Meetnits Board Management Software

Is perfect for

document management system work flow productivity

Boardmembers’ Active Workday

For a software to be accepted by Board Members, it has to be easy to use. It has to bring convenience & clarity. Meetnits is built from the ground up with this in mind. To be a joy to the user.

document management system corporate governance transparency audit

Facilitating  Governance

Improving governance and efficiency is a key reason why enterprises adapt a Board Management System. Meetnits is built with purposeful features to facilitate governance.

document management system data privacy

Peace of Mind with Data Security

Meetnits is designed from the ground up using the same bullet proof security & subjected to the same penetration tests that KRIS is subjected. KRIS is our flagship Document Management System that is adapted by the Singapore Government & enterprises such as NTUC and Far East Organization.

document management system work flow productivity

Perfect for Boardmembers’ Active Work Day

One place for all your committees & meeting materials.

Our intuitive user experience provide views like physical folders for each committee. MEETNITS also works off-line so Boardmembers can read & react anywhere, anytime

Be fully informed before making decisions

MEETNITS has powerful search capability. It not only searches within current minutes & agenda, but also all previous meetings’ document. A main board member may also read sub-committee papers. Search may also organise by subject matter in chronological order.

Information from a single source & always updated

Boardmembers can be sure that they have the latest materials, including any revision of minutes & pre-reads. Apart from reading materials, MEETNITS also provide info on committee members, status of meeting, term of reference etc

Capture your thoughts easily

Add secured annotations to pre-read materials & minutes for reference
before, during & after meeting. Recall them for reference anytime

Swipe through agendas, pre-reads & minutes like a book

In the MEETNITS’s app, meeting documents are organised like a
book. No more searching & opening of attachments

document management system corporate governance transparency audit

Facilitating Governance

Follow up with matters. Move the company forward.

Matters arising are tracked and officers in charge are reminded via email. Management may monitor progress of tasks with an at-a-glance overview


Ability of directors to electronically sign offndocuments with the platform. The approval is captured and automatically fi led for future reference


Ability for the platform to easily carry out a voting for the making of a decision. The result is captured and automatically filed for future reference

Governance Repository

Build a complete library of documents that board members need for reference. E.g. Minutes of past meetings, Earning statements, Investor reports, Press releases and other relevant information that board directors will need to come to an informed decision

document management system data privacy

Data Security, Peace of Mind

Penetration Test

Full penetration testing at least once a year

Independent Audits

SSAE 16, ISAE 3402 and ISO 27001 certified. These are international standards of highly secured software

End-to-end encryption for data

Encryption applied at rest, in transit and on users’ devices. A unique set of encryption key are used every customer.

Consultants & experts stationed in Singapore for your successful implementation

Be assured of successful implementation. We have a proven track record of successful project implementation at different business sectors. Tap into our knowledge base to get advises on the best practices. Realise the benefit of a Board Management Software.