Challenges faced by government in information management

Challenges faced by government agencies in information management

The challenge is more complex today. Government agencies have to deal with: 

  1. Increased compliance standards
  2. Demand for greater transparency and
  3. Increased burden to securely share information that is often highly sensitive.
  4. Digital transition. While government agencies have their paper filing processes down pat, the increasingly ubiquitous use of digital documentation heralds a need for emails, attachments, e-forms and other new media records to be coherently managed with paper.

A robust system that can fill the roles of Record Management System and Document Management System are needed to ensure that overnight, agencies staff are empowered to ride on the best practices of information management. Peace of mind for management to know that rules and guidelines are there within a system to reduce or eliminate missing documents.

Give KRIS a go. KRIS is an e-Registry solution that has over 12,000 trusted users across many government agencies in Singapore. With up to 80 percent of vital records now in e-format, KRIS is the proven choice in managing structured and unstructured information for the e-Registry of tomorrow.