Charity (IPC) Compliance and Governance

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How the KRIS Record Management System can help Charities (IPC) with Regulatory Compliance and Governance

We will be glad to demo and go through the scenarios so you can evaluate if the solution is relevant to you.

Charity IPC Compliance Governance records

Systematic Central Record Keeping

  1. For important records such as Details of Cash Donations and Donation-in-kind.
  2. Sensitive Records are kept in a central repository and not on individual PC. Committee do not have to worry about missing records due to staff turnover.

Charity IPC Compliance Governance Annual Report Disclosure

Disclosures in annual reports backed up with properly kept records of board meeting minutes & board member’s attendence

Charity IPC Compliance Governance PDPA

KRIS Record Management System helps in PDPA compliance; for handling of personal information of members, donors, beneficiaries etc.

Below are feature of KRIS Record Management System that are relevant to PDPA:

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pdpa singapore access control

Access only to authorized personnel

This relates to the handling of personal information of members, donors, beneficiaries etc. Each staff will be given access to records based on his/her job role within organization. 


  1. Only Membership department will be able to access and download member records.
  2. Only Accounts will be able to access donation details.

However, do note that once a record is downloaded out of the Record Management System by an Authorised User into the his/her desktop, it is no longer secure by the Record Management System. From then on it is important for the staff to handle the file according to PDPA policy to ensure sensitive information is kept safe.

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pdpa singapore retention

Records kept no longer than necessary

Record Retention Schedule relates to the policy of deciding how long records will be kept in the organisation  to provide for auditing purpose. Keeping records longer than necessary clutters up information and posts a risk of security breach.

You can input Record Retention Schedule set out by the Committee into KRIS. When a record reaches expiry, KRIS will prompt the users is it should proceed to archive or delete the record.

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pdpa singapore record deletion

Secure deletion

Proper and secure deletion of records kept within the system. Ensures that there is little possibility of recovery for malicious purposes.

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pdpa singapore auditing

Facilitate Auditing & Accountability

  1. Systematic filing structure within KRIS facilitates filing and retrieval of information.
  2. Digital log and trails allow us to see exactly who viewed and updated the records.

About SQL View

SQL View is a Record Management System provider in Singapore. We are founded in 1992.
Our clients includes:

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We will be glad to demo and go through the scenarios so you can evaluate if the solution is relevant to you.

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