digitisation vs digital transformation

Digitisation vs Digital Transformation

Do you know that “digitisation” is not the same as “digital transformation”?

This is one term that you will commonly come across when trying to understand digital transformation – “digitisation”. While at the first glance, both “digitisation” and “digital transformation” may seem to refer to the same thing, they don’t.


The former refers to the conversion of information from an analogue, or physical form, into a digital one. A simple example is the scanning of a written report and converting them into PDF format. Digitisation can be seen as one of the many points in the journey of digital transformation where an organisation embark on, and it is usually during the early stages.

Digital Transformation

The latter is the process whereby organisations adopt technologies for immediate or long term value creation.

Technology changes how a business is run. The change can be on a minor process flow within the company. E.g. An online leave application & approval system or a requisition & approval system.

The change can also be a huge strategic one as companies realised that they can now do things which were previously impossible or un- measurable. E.g. Moving from focusing on a Single Channel strategy to an Omni Channel one with new seamless technology that follows the consumer from online prospecting, online browsing to finally offline conversion.