Document Management System in Singapore A Definitive Buyers’ Guide

Document Management System also know as DMS have revolutionized the corporate industry yet still many Business Leaders don’t know the importance of such systems. Selecting the most suitable Document Management System according to your preferences and business needs could be a little tricky especially if you don’t even know how they work, how such systems can boost up your business operations, how DMS can increase your productivity and what factors you should know beforehand to select the right system for your business. Here in this guide, we are going to cover all of these concerns so you can decide which kind of DMS system offers more benefits to your business. Let’s start from the basics.

What is a Document Management System?

Document Management System is a digital version of a physical record room filled with thousands of documents. Now it is pretty obvious that finding a specific file or document in a physical record room is no easy cake. Not to mention the security flaws and reliability concerns where documents could be stolen without people knowing or destroyed because of something like fire or earth quake. DMS provides the necessary framework where organizations can convert all of their paper documents into digital versions, create backups and integrate those documents with powerful search features for quick access. Almost all modern DMS provide integration with scanners that make it easier for corporate culture to scan documents and digitalize them.

What does a Document Management System accomplishes? 

Some general features in a Document Management System consist of but not limited to:

What Are The Different Types of Document Management System?

Some Document Management Systems only support electronic files where you cannot convert paper documents into digital format but almost all modern DMS support imaging and digital processes. We can categorize DMS into two categories; Self-Hosted DMS and Cloud Based DMS. Let’s talk about both, their features, pros and cons.

Self-Hosted Document Management System

Self-Hosted Document Management System refers to the software installed on your servers or systems and it has no connection with the outside world. Generally, such systems allow businesses to store as many documents as needed and when there is no sufficient space left, more space could be added. Self-Hosted DMS come with higher up-front deployment cost depends on the size of the organization and number of users. The deployment and operational costs vary from software to software as some vendors charge one time installation fee regardless of number of users while some vendors charge license fee on per user basis. Some self-hosted DMS come with yearly fee for upgrades. Pros Cons

Cloud Based Document Management System

Cloud Based Document Management Systems refer to SaaS (Software as a Service) based platform where the host provides the functionality of a Document Management System online. Cloud Based DMS have been getting popularity for quite some time because of their advantages over traditional Self Hosted DMS. Such systems are popular within BYOD cultures and employees can use their own devices to use these platforms. Cloud Based DMS come with monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription fee and they offers a different business structure from Self Hosted DMS. In Cloud Based DMS case, you are renting the platform. Pros Cons

How Does A Document Management System Helps You In Your Business?

DMS offers tons of advantages that directly affect the overall productivity of the employees and make day to day operations seamless. Let’s see how modern DMS can help you in your business.

What Factors Make A Document Management System Good?

Of course every business has different needs and preferences; however there are some general factors that can help you choose the most suitable DMS for your organization.

Document Management System Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some FAQs about DMS to provide you clarity about their structure and working.

Are Document Management Systems designed for large organizations specifically?

Actually No; DMS are beneficial for businesses and organizations of all sizes because even small businesses could have thousands of paper documents each month. Properly organized and easily accessible documents increase operational performance of the company.

Cloud storage and cloud based Document Management Systems are the same thing, right?

No, cloud storage refers to saving your files and documents online and cloud based DMS refers to a specialized platform designed for document management; although both use online storage for saving documents.

Can I recover accidentally deleted or modified documents?

Yes you can.

Can I restrict some users to access certain documents?

Yes you can.

Do I need a scanner for DMS?

If you want to digitize paper documents then you definitely need a scanner. Make sure the scanner is compatible with the DMS you are using. Some DMS only deal with electronic documents and if you do not want imaging then you don’t need a scanner


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