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Capturing Of Information By EDMS. An In-Depth Look At Features That Matter

The best system is one that meets the needs of the operating environment

Different companies have different needs when it comes to the process of capturing information into an EDMS (Electronic Document Management System). Some companies may only have to deal with electronic documents such as PDF, text, spreadsheet, and presentations while others require the EDMS handled high-resolution scans from microfilm scanners or specialized files such as AutoCAD.

The best EDMS is not the most popular one or the one with the most features. It is the one that best meets the needs of the organization. In some cases, it is the availability of minor functions (E.g., Auto removal of blank pages after scanning) that decides the winning product.

Let us dive into the features and functions relating to how EDMS capture information.


With what kind of scanner does the EDMS connect?

Image enhancement

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

OCR is the ability of the EDMS to extract text found in images. Example: when we scan an invoice into the system, an EDMS with OCR functionality will be able to obtain the invoice number and company name from the image of the invoice, and index the invoice number together with the image. In the future, users can find the invoice in the EDMS by merely searching for the invoice number or the company name.

The naming convention of scanned documents

Adding pages to existing documents

Removal of blank pages

Native Format or PDF

Bates Stamping

Identification of fixed patterns

Recognition of document type

Is the system able to identify what form it is filing, e.g., purchase requisition, leave form, etc.?
Some EDMS can do this by making sense of the data on the form or by recognizing the standard template form.

Upload/ Import

Creation of new folders during import

Integration with Windows Explorer and My Computer

Ease of upload

MS Office Integration

Snippet Preview

Language support

Scheduled batch upload


Email metadata

Integration with MS outlook

Handling of Email threads

Email attachment