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Information Sharing Via EDMS – Features & Functions That Matter

Sharing refers to sharing the document digitally via email or sharing it via physical means such as a printed document.

Sharing Via Physical Prints

Printing from the inbuilt viewer

A good EDMS will come with its own in-built viewer. With an inbuilt viewer comes a host of benefits. Firstly, the user can preview any document regardless of file format with a single click within the EDMS. This saves the hassle of downloading the document into the laptop and then opening up a separate native program to read the document.

With the inbuilt reader, we are assured that years down the road, we will still be able to read the content of the document using the EDMS even if the native software that creates and read the document can no longer be found. E.g. It would be very difficult to find a Word Perfect or Lotus 1 2 3 program today.

Lastly, with an inbuilt reader, the risk of information leakage is reduced to the minimum as a copy of the file is not downloaded into the pc. There will be no compromise of the information if there is hacking or loss of a device.

Depending on the operating environment and process flow. You may want to evaluate if the in-built viewer is able to print the documents properly in a presentable format and if it offers flexible print options. E.g. printing only a certain region of the document.
For certain industry such as construction, users may need to evaluate if the print out is scaled properly.

Sharing via email

Sharing via URL

Export and send as an email attachment

Other Ways Of Information Sharing

Mobile application

Information Export For Archival On Other Physical Medium