Why Classify When I Can Simply Search

Yes, classifying document can be troublesome. One have to understand the context of the document and classify into the relevant subject or purpose. Many has challenged that with the powerful search engines available today, classification is unnecessary. In fact SQL View’s very own Document Management System comes built in with a powerful search that can find even within the content of documents.  So can I then simply depend on searching?  

Not really. 

Well, this is not entirely true. The reason to classify is not just to facilitate fast searching. Let me explain. 

  1. It’s about the whole picture. Search by key words will retrieve documents that meet search criteria. Relevant documents that does not meet the search criteria are left out. Classification ensures all relevant documents are provided.
  2. Relevant document to relevant people. It is pretty useless if a search yields 300 documents. Ranking helps, but it is with reference to the search criteria and not the “interest” to the “searcher”. Understanding the “interest” of the searcher (e.g. CFO would be interested in finance matters) and subject classification of documents (e.g. Financial records), can narrow to more meaningful search results.
  3. Changing confidentiality over time. A document’s confidentiality is determined by the subject classification that it refers to. So, when a subject’s confidentiality changes, all documents related to the same subject should change at the same time. (For example, records related to an investment is highly confidential until such investment is made).
  4. Retention, Disposal and compliance with policies. Search is not the only activity done on documents. One have to decide when and how to dispose or preserve a document. Different type of document may also need to comply with company and regulator policies. (For example, document containing personal data need to comply with privacy act). Good classification ensures compliance.

Thus a good Record and Document Management System must classify; But a great Record Management System as well as Document Management System will help users to classify their document easily and correctly. KRIS from SQL View offers features to help users classify and retrieve relevant records easily.