BUILDFOLIO – Enhancing your learning environment for students, faculties and staff.

We understand. Running a campus and ensuring tens of thousands of students, faculties and staff are able to attend classes and on time, every time is quite a responsibility. In addition, the environment must also be safe, organized, functional, all done within a tight budget.

BUILDFOLIO can help.

Peventive Maintenance Module ensures maintenance works are scheduled at appropriate time with its completion and status recorded. This ensures facilities, including classroom facilities, air-condition, lifts etc are functioning when it is needed. With a large number of people concentration, safety must be of paramount concern. BUILDFOLIO’s Preventive Maintenance module ensures safety facilities are maintained, checked and recorded in compliance with campus safety policies. Any departure from required service standard will be escalated for attention immediately.

Even with the most comprehensive prevention, exceptional failure may still occur. BUILDFOLIO’s  Corrective Maintenance Module provides centralized “helpdesk” facilities to record reported fault and assign work to the most suitable and qualified person or vendor immediately. Within a large campus, mobile technology is essential to ensure service can be rendered within the agreed service level. BUILDFOLIO supports a comprehensive array of mobile technology, from simple SMS to mission critical digital radio, to meet the vast mobility requirement in campus.

BUILDFOLIO is intuitive. With its modular approach, campus’ Estate Office may implement the solution in a suitable pace. BUILDFOLIO’s Executive Information Module will now allow Estate office to gain greater visibility in overall state of the campus, facility and vendor’s performance, budget utilization and replacement plan.


How BUILDFOLIO can benefit you:

  1. Allow campus meets the time critical operation demanded by students and faculties so that learning environment is optimized.
  2. Ensures safety facilities are maintain and operational, while capturing records for compliance audit purpose, thus reducing operational risks.
  3. Improves Estate Office’s efficiency by providing clear building status, alerts and escalation of critical issues and ensures all work are done in accordance to required standards and Procedures.
  4. Mobility capabilities allow Estate Office to response to failure or emergencies quickly.
  5. Visibility of budget utilization to prevent cost over-run so that budget may be applied to important areas.
  6. Service Level tracking allow consistent outstanding staffs and vendors to be identified and rewarded.

KRIS – Improves information dissemination, communication and collaboration.

Educational institution are highly regulated. Students records, building safety, intellectual properties and financial records  to ensure the institutions’ operations comply with regulatory standards and requirements.

KRIS captures vital records, improves  information dissemination, communication and collaboration for management, faculty staff and students.

How KRIS Record management system and KRIS Document Management System can benefit you:

  1. Students Records – students records are vital to educational institutions. These records remain relevant even after students graduated. KRIS ensures students records are properly retained and disposed of according to policies. While at the same time, ensures authorized access and accountable usage.
  2. Faculty Research – faculty research requires keeping accurate and comprehensive records to validate work done, authenticity, grants approval, collaboration and publishing. KRIS provides a trusted platform to capture and maintain these information easily.
  3. Management –  Educational institution are highly regulated. As such, good recordkeeping ensures correct policies and procedures are enforced.  As lion share of correspondences and business processes are conducted electronically, KRIS delivers  a proven electronic records  solution that manages the entire lifecycle of electronic documents.

KRIS eRM solution can reduce academic complexities, and deliver optimal student support.