BUILDFOLIO – Enhancing Government efficiency through functional Buildings and Facilities


Many Government functions serve their citizens through their properties and facilities. This may include places where citizen and businesses visit to apply for permits, such as passports, company registration, licenses registration or application, etc. Government functions also depend on efficient property so that it may be carried out in an effective manner. These may include civil defense, police stations, military bases, power stations and other utilities facilities etc. Other non-building facilities include Roads and Bridges, Parks etc.

Governments want to serve their citizen well and provide them a great experience in dealing with Government. Its failure may have significant impact. At the same time, Government is conscious of cost and budgets; response to public enquires and complains, and also obtains sufficient data and information for effective planning.

BUILDFOLIO can help.

Government agencies may use BUILDFOLIO to plan for preventive maintenance schedules in accordance to the appropriate service levels required. BUILDFOLIO’s Vendor and Contract Modules allow Government to tender out specific maintenance work to qualified providers. BUILDFOLIO ensures that the relevant work will be directed to qualified and contracted parties and subsequently carried out in accordance to requirements. Our sophisticated costing modules also allow standard rates to be applied base on work done and approval or only apply additional charges when exceptional work is performed. With BUILDFOLIO’s extensive mobility capabilities, work assignment and approval can be performed on the move, so that faults can be rectified in the quickly rather than waiting for officers to access computers.

It is important that Government obtain a transparent view of effectiveness of their buildings so that they are assured that they serve their citizen well. Critical performance data also needs to be retained for budget and planning purposes, such as comparison of running cost and replacement cost. It is thus important for Government to own the data even when contract with facility service providers ends. This ensures Government may allocate cost wisely and avoid any public embarrassment.

Government buildings are an important component in delivering great services to citizens. At the same time, Government requires transparency and accountability in expenditure such as Property maintenance. BUILDFOLIO provides an ideal solution for Government in ensuring their Buildings and Facilities are operating in optimal level.

How BUILDFOLIO can benefit you: 

  1. Ensures Government properties are operating as intended so that Government functions to citizens are delivered consistently.
  2. Transparent and clear records to provide transparencies and accountability.
  3. Flexible costing and contracting methods allow Government to select best offerings from vendors.
  4. Mobility capability ensures faults are addressed soonest by qualified personals.
  5. Visibility of budget utilization to prevent cost over-run so that budget may be applied to important areas.
  6. Service Level tracking allow consistent outstanding staffs and vendors to be identified and rewarded.

There’s a lot more going on in an effectively managed registry than meets the eye. While government agencies have their paper filing processes down pat, the increasingly ubiquitous use of digital documentation heralds a need for emails, attachments, e-forms and other new media records to be coherently managed with paper.

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