BUILDFOLIO – Delivers excellence in patient care through excellent Hospital Facilities

Running a Hospital is a mission critical operation. It depends on effective and efficient facilities so that healthcare providers may focus on patients. In fact, hospitals demands and depend much more on their buildings and facilities to deliver great patient care. Not only must facilities be available and functioning property when you need them, they must also ensures the environment meets strict medical standards and regulatory requirement.

As such, it is important that preventive and corrective maintenance work are performed on time, by qualified people, validated by supervisors and recorded for audit purpose. Any departure from requirement, be it calibration of medical equipment or readiness of beds, must be alerted and rectified before next use.

BUILDFOLIO can help.

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”]BUILDFOLIO’s Asset Management ensures all facilities are registered and reflect their operational status. Our preventive and corrective maintenance ensures all vital equipments are serviced and functioning before use. Work order may be issued base on events, such as patient check out, or scheduled such as periodical calibration of equipment. When in need, our corrective work order can be transmitted to qualified and appropriate personal via mobile devices to take immediate actions. With clear Service level defined at each stage of the service, alerts are sent to supervisors for intervention. In addition, check list are provided on mobile devices so that service staff are reminded and record all necessary actions. In the hazardous situation, service staffs are reminded to take precautionary actions and their acknowledgement recorded to ensure staffs are safe.

With faster response and quick treatments, situations are better contained and result is less complications. Healthcare providers’ efficiency is greatly boosted with available and functional facilities. With patients receiving fast healing, expensive hospital may also serve many more, saving much in building more and bigger hospitals to meet today’s aging population.


How BUILDFOLIO can benefit you:

  1. Reduces high capital expenditure in building more hospitals and acquiring facilities by enhancing current facilities’ efficiency.
  2. Ensures Patient care is attended and actions recorded in a timely manner. Greatly reducing administrative bottlenecks.
  3. Reduces compliance risk through automation of process, escalation and good record keeping.
  4. Improves staff’s efficiency and job satisfaction through allowing staffs to focus on their primary purpose.

KRIS – Improves precision and efficiency of patient care.

With KRIS technology, the solution improves the precision and efficiency of patient care can reduce liability and save lives – all these are achieved by having a proper Record Management Software System set up empowering all healthcare staff to be able to quickly search for patients’ medical records management file at critical moment.

And, KRIS is the solution.

KRIS, an enterprise-strength solution, features an advance role-based model that allow users to define their functional roles (such as CFO, HR director etc), and seeking out relevant records & making them accessible to relevant functional roles.

KRIS also automatically re-distributes record access after people or organizational changes. KRIS is both a Document Management System as well as Record Management System.

It can be fully integrated with any application that is capable of saving data to system disk drives; to popular email clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes.

Importantly, KRIS complies with both Singapore and International standards & best practices providing a total and comprehensive solution to meet Government’s record management needs.


How KRIS can benefit you:

1. Enhance patient care by enabling immediate access to a comprehensive record of each patient’s health and medical history which  allows doctors to make a better informed decision.

2. Maintain accurate records of who accessed patient records and when, and complying with regulations.

3. Automate and manage a range of other paper-based processes and data storage activities critical to operating a healthcare organization.

KRIS eRM solution – a proven RM solution that can better manage your e-records, and reduce the risks of careless paper handling of patient medical record associated with shift handover.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tab][/vc_tabs][/vc_column][/vc_row]