KRIS – Enhancing customer communications.

In today’s business world when most or all commercial businesses are operating and moving from a paper to a paperless office, it is even more crucial for the business owners to be able to access the business formation anytime, anywhere, and at its fastest speed.

KRIS, SQL View flagship enterprise-strength Record Management System, delivers just that. It specializes in developing a proper repository framework in both the electronic management and registration of important business documents in paper form, which allows business owners to manage and preserve critical data and business records in a comprehensive, secure and systematic manner.


How KRIS can benefit you:

1. Improve customer responses with fast access and retrieval of customer information.

2. Achieve faster order and invoice processing by capturing invoices and orders at the point of entry, via email or faxes.

3. Reduce administration tasks in your back office. KRIS is also a full fledged Document Management System.