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BUILDFOLIO’s Asset Management Modules Classifies, Defines, Tracks and locates critical assets in a property. An Asset may refer to a piece of equipment, an area, or an infrastructure.

BUILDFOLIO Asset Modules captures all relevant information about the asset, including its location, asset type, make and model, Asset’s history, service records, replacement policies, service requirement  such as special qualification and check list, service vendors if any, hazardous management procedure, service level required and more.

With these critical information, Service providers are equipped with critical information to provide accurate and timely services. Management is also provided a clear assessment of their assets for better decisions, such as financial planning, replacement justification etc. This ensures critical assets in a property is always operating in an optimal and cost effective manner, enhancing the total efficiency and yield for your Buildings.

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  1. Comprehensive parameters to capture Asset’s vital information.
  2. Hierarchical and flexible classification allowing assets to be group by area/property and asset type. Each classification may also be associated with different properties, such as service level required, service policies, service vendors etc.
  3. Able to classify assets according to organization’s preferred definition of individual assets/areas.
  4. Each Asset is well described, including expected life span, service history, warranties, parts required, etc. This equips service staff with correct information for timely and accurate service.
  5. Tag individual personnel to particular asset and area types in which their specialty is required.
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