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BUILDFOLIO Charge management ensures accurate billings for services or facilities rendered to tenants. Neglecting to bill customers is may ultimately affect the outcome between a negative or positive financial bottom line. The charge management module ensures chargeable services are recorded, validated and billed, eliminating confusion and dispute.

BUILDFOLIO Charge Management supports both discrete charges, such as replacement of parts, and rate charges, such as electricity usage and air-condition usage extension.

With BUILDFOLIO Web Services, users may develop code to enable seamless integration with the organization current billing system. The Web Services will impeccably transfer information from the BUILDFOLIO to the desired billing system of the customer’s choice.

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  1. Easy billing operation with “one-button” initiation, automatically compute charge information, such as rates, unit prices, service level etc.
  2. Able to track air-condition usage and utility meter readings based on property, location and individual asset/asset type, and generate regular billings according to usage and discount structure.
  3. Provide historical and outstanding chargeable work orders list to facilitate reconciliation and audit purposes.
  4. Able to initiate bill using mobile devices, including recording of meter reading IOS and Android devices
  5. May configure to include billing approval processes, such that supervisors may determine if billing is appropriate.
  6. Capture customer’s and work order information for future justification of charges.
  7. Able to co-relate tenants and work order charges for business analytics and trend discovery.
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