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Proven FM Software to Optimise Facilities Efficiency 

BUILDFOLIO is a comprehensive facility Management Solution implemented in well-established premium properties regionally. BUILDFOLIO ensures your properties are operating in top notch level, manages operating costs and earnings, through enabling a highly efficient workforce and delighting your customers with great services.

BUILDFOLIO’s core capabilities range from streamlining preventive and corrective maintenance process to gaining visibility to people and asset performance; from simplifying purchases and billings to monitoring budgets and inventory. In short, BUILDFOLIO provides you with a full perspective of your properties’ facility operation and financial performance.

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BUILDFOLIO solution comprises these core modules:

  • Work Order Management
  • Asset Management
  • Document Management
  • Vendor/Contract Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Charge/Billing Management
  • Purchase Requisition / Budget Management


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For delighting your customers with great services


BUILDFOLIO ensures your customers’ requests are responded and served on time and by the correct person. BUILDFOLIO measures Service Levels with escalations so that customer is always delighted with consistent services. In addition, our strong mobile technologies allow field staff to be fully enabled and informed on-site, ensuring services are delivered in a real time manner.

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To ensure your facilities are performing in top notch level


BUILDFOLIO not only ensures corrective actions are performed, but also schedule necessary preventive maintenances so that faculties are performing in accordance with specifications.

BUIDLFOLIO powerful scheduling capabilities ensure correct resources are attending to maintenance work. Our data mining ability picks up performance trends, allowing correct planning for both maintenance and replacements.

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For managing your operating costs 


BUILDFOLIO’s budgeting, purchase requisition, charge management, inventory and contract management ensures your facility management operation is meeting its financial targets. Able to plan budgets and contracts over multiple years and several properties provides you with a long term perspective of your operating cost, instead of immediate expenses only. At a glance, you may understand your long term financial commitments, such as multi-year contracts and assets replacement cost, thus providing a true and realistic financial picture, eliminating surprise financial obligations during operation.

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For delivering a highly efficient workforce by leveraging on mobile technologies


With BUILDFOLIO’s mobile technology capabilities, technicians and supervisors are enabled on the go. Technicians may receive work orders, report status and complete assignments using a wide range of mobile devices. Supervisors may check job status, receives escalations and approve completion of work at anytime, anywhere.

BUILDFOLIO offers one of the most comprehensive mobile device coverage in the industry, from SMS technology for simple devices, Digital Radio for response critical services, function rich smart devices such as iPhones and Android devices, ruggedized handheld and larger format tablets.

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