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BUILDFOIO Inventory Management module ensures sufficient consumables and repair parts inventory are always available so to meet critical services requirements.

In addition to the usual inventory functions such as drawing and replenishment of inventory, computation of buffer stock etc, BUILDFOLIO Inventory Management is integrated with other Buildfolio modules. For example, spare parts may be tag with Asset such that correct spare will be identified and drawn during service. Inventory cost is also integrated to Charge/Billing Management to identify cost.

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  1. Friendly user interface and integrated with relevant BUILDFOLIO modules, such as inventory may be identified and utilized from other Buildfolio modules, such as Work Order and Asset Management modules.
  2. Flexible to support FILO and FIFO or LIFO inventory cost computation.
  3. Provide buffer stock alert level.
  4. May be configured to include supervisor approval process.
  5. Comprehensive report and audit log for reporting and audit purpose.
  6. Support multiple stores.
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