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In managing a property, many jobs are performed by outsourced vendors. BUILDFOLIO’s Vendor/Contract Management module ensures works are assigned to qualified and approved vendors. It also ensures relevant contracts are maintained and renewed in a timely manner.

The Vendor/Contract Management also captures critical information about vendors and and ensures appropriate licenses, accreditation and insurance are up to date. This module is also fully integrated with properties and assets so that scope of works assigned to a vendor are validated against valid contracts and ensures charges, qualification and appropriate insurance are correct.

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  1. Able to assign vendors and contracts to properties, assets and class of work.
  2. Manages contractual period and ensuring contracts are renewed or awarded in a timely manner.
  3. Provides critical service information, such as Rates Book, Service Level and qualified staff.
  4. Ensures necessary licenses, accreditation and insurance are applied and renewed in a timely manner.


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