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BUILDFOLIO is the FM solution of choice for you;

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1. BUILDFOLIO is a proven solution, ensuring many premium properties in Asia are functioning at top notch level.

2. Easy-to-use features with “Wizard” style user experience allowS deployment and adoption with minimum training.

3. Multi-language support and extensive use of pictorial icons breaches language barriers, accommodating today’s multi-region and multi-culture working environment and workforce.

4. Comprehensive range of mobile capabilities to address different service/cost requirement, ranging from mission critical and real time response to cost-effective SMS.

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5. Able to manage multiple portfolios of properties, to ensure consistent service level cross properties and also consolidate high level overview of performance at portfolio level.

6. Comprehensive Service Level management with real time escalation, ensuring your customers’ needs are met, every time.

7. Comprehensive financial capabilities; including multi-year budgeting, purchase requisition and invoicing. This provides Financial Controllers transparent operating records and accurate financial forecasts and allocations.

8. Our Executive Information Module allows top management to appreciate an overview of their properties operating state at a glance, and identify important information for critical decisions.

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