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BUILDFOLIO’s Work Order Management module ensures timely communication accurate work status among tenants, property/facility managers, the maintenance staff and outsourced service vendors.

Whether it is corrective or preventive maintenance tasks and work orders, the module allows user to create, log, track, administer, assign and do reporting all on a single platform with real time updates.

Users are able to monitor the progress of work orders from assignment to completion. In addition, important information such as Service Level performed, Service period and duration, Asset information; labor and parts costs are captured and presented through seamless integration among modules.

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Ease of Use

  • Wizard Mode user interface to guide new users so that users may be productive with little training.
  • Help-desk mode for expert users for fast and easy submission of tenants’ service requests and assignment of work orders.
  • Ability to use ba-rcodes, RFIDs or NFC tags for assets or locations identification. Users need only to scan or tab tags.
  • Multi-lingual support to address diverse workforce and geographical coverage.
  • Comprehensive search capability for easy retrieval of works orders.
  • Extensive use of Color and Pictorial Icons for clear reporting identification of work that requires attention.
  • Integrated plan and manage corrective and preventive maintenance in a single platform.



  • Create corrective or schedule preventive maintenance based on area or asset type.
  • Configurable Service Level for different asset class, properties and areas, with priority levels and escalation limit.
  • Work order can be auto-escalated with up to 5 levels of service level triggers to ensure service levels are met.
  • Option to charge works to specific cost centers or tenants.
  • Able to assign work to relevant staff or outsourced 3rd party vendor to each work order.
  • Ability to update & monitor costs related to each work order e.g. labor and inventory used.
  • Able to tag related documents such as memo, checklist, safety plan or picture to an each work order.

Mobility Capabilities

  • Able to receive and report work orders via SMS, Email or Digital Radio.
  • Mobile BUILDFOLIO application available for both IOS and Android platforms.
  • Supervisors may assign and check on work status with mobile devices



  • Web services and integration modules are available for 3rd party software integration, such as integration with ERP and BMS solutions.
  • Integrate with leading BMS systems such that work orders may be automatically assigned base on BMS’ alerts.


 Comprehensive Reports

  • Comprehensive Graphical  display of all corrective and preventive work orders chart.
  • Comprehensive view of all historical and existing work order.
  • Track resource and time utilization through all aspects of the work order life cycle from creation to closure.
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