A suite of eRM solutions

KRIS – an e-RM Solution suite designing to help enterprises manage their critical records holistically and compliantly.

It automates and simplifies the process of records management for both electronic and paper documents and files, and is used by a broad section of business organisations, government departments and agencies in Singapore since 1992.

KRIS eRM Solution suite includes

For the management of your electronic records

KRIS the leading Record Management System in Singapore, or KRM in short, is a central repository for storing all the important data and information that is valuable to the company. It acts as on a set of centralised policies and rules for the management of file plans, file contents and retention schedules.

For the management of your physical records

An electronic filing system called KRIS File Tracker, or KFT in short, that helps you manage physical records. KRIS File Tracker makes storing and accessing paper files easier, with the retrieval and return of those critical documents tracked and accounted for. This minimises time waste and space resources. 

For easy archiving of your records

KAM, aka KRIS Archive Manager, is specially designed to help organizations to appraise, determine its value, and thus the final disposition of the records to allow future retrieval and ensure business continuity. It retains records for historical and evidential values that helps to build corporate memory for organizations, as well as meeting the requirements of organizational accountability and compliance.
KRIS is also a full fledged Document Management System.