KRIS Archive Manager – Preserving Your Vital and Valuable Records

KRIS Archive Manager aka KAM is a part of the KRIS Record Management System. It is designed to help today’s organizations to preserve vital and valuable records for future reference and business continuity, whilst disposing expired records. 

KAM automates records’ disposition based on the organization’s retention policies. Its systematic process ensure the integrity of the preserved records.

KAM improves organization’s efficiencies, ensures regulatory compliance and contains records management costs.

  • Systematic process for appraising records by classification.
  • Provision for centralized approval and authorization (such as National Archives). 



  • Comprehensive and customizable disposal actions.
  • Archival to offline media are organized based on security grading and classification.
  • Records are retained in multiple formats including  native format, PDF or TIFF.
  • Validate record’s completeness by alerting missing or unconvertible records.
  • Provision to transfer archived records to Records Centre (such as National Archives).



  • Preserved records are ready for output to microfilm in accordance to security grading, classification and records sequence.
  • Comprehensive reports are included in  the output to microfilm.



  • Ability to search records that are archived to offline media.
  • Records can be retrieved in native, PDF or TIFF format.

Other than being a robust Record Management System, KRIS also serves as a full fledged Document Management System.

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