KRIS File Tracker is an electronic filing system that helps you manage physical records through the provision of organized file tracking. It is  module of the KRIS Record Management System. The system makes storing and accessing paper files or records much easier, with the retrieval and return of these critical documents tracked and accounted for. Its key deliverable is to simplify the management of large volumes of files in circulation. Our interface is clean and uncluttered for any users to navigate around easily and perform any task quickly. KRIS File Tracker is designed to be as simple as possible so that users can start using the application immediately. KFT is a web-based application that can track the whereabouts of all physical records at anytime. Reservation of files are now made easier for all users as well as easy tracking of files movement and circulation. It enhances sharing of files by scheduling users based on reservation. This prevents user from holding on files unnecessary. KFT helps users to easily manage the files by using technologies such as barcode scanners. This makes tedious tasks like file census much simpler. It also reminds users to return overdue files through email notifications. 

Ease of Use:

  Robust Search Capability   Comprehensive Audit Trail / Movement Records   Immediate Online Requests   Easy Retrieval Other then being a robust Record Manager, KRIS also serves as a full fledged Document Management System.

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