KRIS Records Manager – Capturing Records of Critical Importance

Today enterprises depend on electronic information to conduct their business efficiently and effectively.

it is not surprising that digital documents such as email, is already the lion share of the corporate’s records.

KRIS Record Management System, or KRM, is the corporate knowledge center that captures, shares, manages and preserves vital digital records.

KRM is a web-based application that can capture any digital documents that resides in your computer intuitively.  In addition to capturing content, KRM also manages the record by retaining its context and structure.

Digital Records are organised into corporate’s business classification schemes. In addition, KRM recognises users’ areas of responsibilities which determine the digital records that are relevant to them. It also enforces corporate ‘s records management policies and rules for security, record content and retention schedules. On a side note. KRIS also serves as a full fledged Document Management System.

Ease of Use

  • Integrate with operating systems such that user simply “save as” or drag or drop into KRIS.
  • Dropbox Integration
  • Favorite Files & Records
  • E-Booklet and Thumbnails
  • Single Sign-On

Managing Emails

  • Capture emails directly within Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes.
  • Every email attachment is identified uniquely and accounted.
  • Smart Mail Organizer –  email conversation is automatically captured.



Rich Information

  • Monitor the development of information and get updates with specific subject of concern.
  • Personalized Dashboard to have an overview of your essential data and tasks.
  • Include a comprehensive sets of reports such as Usage Report, User Adoption Rate, Document Deletion Tracking History, etc.
  • Knowledge Community – analyze the frequency of Email Exchange, Degree of Participation and Number of Correspondences.



  • File Creation Workflow
  • Document Deletion Workflow



Security and Integrity

  • De-duplication – when two identical documents are captured, only one copy is stored on disk and it is link to different references.
  • Detect duplicated filing within the same classification.
  • Every document is digitally signed to ensure authenticity.
  • Every document is identified uniquely and accounted.
  • Access the document is based on the relevance of the records to the user and their security classification.
  • Support SSL protocol.




  • Web Services are available for developing additional customized features.
  • Integrated with SharePoint and CA Site Minder.

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