This one-day course is designed for end-users of KRIS Record Management System in Singapore. It aims to equip participants with the fundamental Knowledge and essential skills in using KRIS Solution. Participants will get hands-on practice, and learn about the key functionalities and features of KRIS Solution, such as:
Understand the basic KRIS User environment
Acquire the essential skills in navigating within KRIS Solution
Identify records that needs to be filed
Circulate records via links or attachments
Understand the various roles available in KRIS Solution
Master the commonly used features including creating and deleting records
Search and retrieve records easily using KRIS Solution
Work with physical files, etc.


Sindy has over 10 years of experience working in KRIS Solution. She is a Electronic Records Management Specialist certified by AIIM. She has been involved in the successful implementation of Electronic Records Management from requirement gathering to facilitating the development of File Classification; to setting up the Organization Chart, in order to facilitate the access management of the records; and, finally to conduct training and briefing sessions on the system usage. She has also participated in the various Change Management Initiatives customized for organizations to roll out the Records Management Plan, by working with across all departments to incorporate the system into their daily operations.

Compliance Officers/ Administrators
Registry Officers/Administrators
ERM Officers/Executives
Professionals with records management responsibilities
Records Officers/Administrators
RIM Officers/Executives
RM Officers/Executives
Professionals with administrative, corporate services, and/or HR responsibilities
Also for those keen in office productivity because KRIS is also a full fledged document management system. Use it to boost your office productivity. Find any document within 3 minutes. 

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