Partners play a key role in our ability to fulfill our customers’ needs; critical in helping us deliver our Record Management system in Singapore and overseas. We work with small and large strategic and technology partners around the world to provide our customers the most innovative solutions that protect and retain their most important assets.And, we create  mutually beneficial relationships with systems integrators, consultants, and software and hardware developers to drive their business forward.

As our partners, we provide Deal Registration to ensure your valuable prospects are protected from other resellers,  giving your company excellent revenue opportunities by providing add on services and product solutions. We offer your staff access to a very comprehensive partners information, where you will find the latest news, product information, sales and marketing tools and training support.

And, we are committed to work closely together with our partners to fulfill key market objectives to drive new business, establish a competitive advantage, and create business value.To become our partners, please indicate your interest and send an email to sales@sqlview.com. Other than Record Management; out KRIS product suite now include a full fledged Document Management System.

  • Explore Your Possibilities:Resell our solutions to drive growth and profitability, become an acknowledged expert, and create repeatable solutions widely adopted by the customers.

  • Extend Your Reach:An  opportunity to expand your market potential vertically and geographically together with team of SQL View, and run joint participation tradeshows.

  • Expand Your Capabilities:Leverage on ready resources including sales, marketing, customer support and training. Access all the resources, receive marketing materials, demonstration software, as well as training for your team to be equipped with our solutions’ selling techniques and skill sets.