Adopting new software requires users to change. Our proven Change Management Service employs proven methodology to successfully transit the user from old environment to the new methods smoothly. Our Change Management Team will work with your management to map out necessary changes in policies and procedures. Communicate and excite users to obtain buy-in prior to deployment. We understand that users are busy with their daily routine and changes do add on learning effort.  That is why our consultants will assess, in the Enablement phase, the appropriate methods to enable the users. Familiarity will address fear in using new tools. Our consultant will continue to engage users and encourage usage and address concerns. Base on agreed KPI’s, we continue to Evaluate adoption status until we are satisfied that the software has gained real adoption among users.

With each implementation of the KRIS Record Management System or the KRIS document management system there will be small changes that users need to adopt. We got you covered.