SQL View helps maximize the value of your Record Management System. SQL View  offers flexible, comprehensive training services allowing system administrators, user administrators and normal users to gain the knowledge and experience required for facilitation and ease of their daily tasks.

Our practical approach lets you learn quickly through ‘hands on’ step-by-step procedures, utilizing scenarios linked to your environment. In addition to broadening your own technical skills sets, we customize our training packages to cater for the most diverse of industries. These classes also applies to the KRIS Document Management System.

Installation and Application Readiness

SQL View offers a number of public and onsite courses for Record Management professionals, registry officers and IT professionals. Our training programs are provided by professionally certified instructors with 10 over years of experience and we have flexible course schedules and content to meet your specific needs.

Course Match

  • System Administrator Training
    • Management of administrative functions of the organisational chart
    • Management of the file classification plan (FCP)
    • Management of producing reports (standard and customised) for KPI’s
    • Manage the access rights for user administrators
  • User Administrator Training
    • Management of administrative functions of own department / division
    • Management of individual department/divisions file classification plan (FCP)
    • Management of producing some reports (standard and customised)
    • Manage the access rights of users within their departmen
  • User Training
    • Overview of KRISRegistration of records through KRM
    • Searching and Retrieving records
    • Circulating Records
    • Viewing History
    • Filing of Records (Via desktop, drag and drop)
    • Filing of Emails 
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