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SQL View was founded in 1992 with a vision of a paperless office which we help to liberate businesses from the burdens of paper and free them up to do work that matters.

This includes digital transformation of paper documents, automation of everyday processes such as approval routings and email reminders, as well as preservation of digital paper trail that would eliminate misunderstandings and help people to work together better.

We also offer a full-fledged facility management system that help managers to optimize and maximize assets’ lifecycle. Our products are trusted & deployed in various Singapore government agencies.



Managing tons of documents such as drawings, RFI, RFA and contracts across different projects can be tiresome and time consuming.

With KRIS, managing all your project documents become simple and convenient. You can now focus on completing your projects without delay.

Digital Transformation of Project Documents
  • Manage all drawings, RFI, RFA and contracts across different projects

  • File, retrieve and share documents with stakeholders

  • One central repository that acts as your single source of truth
Automation of Approval & Signing Process
  • Simple & convenient. Automated workflows for document approval and signing processes

  • At-a-glance track all approval statuses
Preservation of Digital Paper Trail
  • All actions on documents tracked for audit

  • Role-based security ensures that only authorized personnel can access the information based on his/her role

File, Manage, Retrieve, Share, Send Document

RFI & RFA Management

Cost-Efficient Automation

facility-management-system-software-product-buildfolio logo

Managing facilities and ensuring they are operating healthily can be a difficult task especially when you have plenty of assets to maintain. This could result in unwanted maintenance and higher total cost of ownership.

Through the incorporation of best practices of property and asset management, Buildfolio keeps your facilities running at tip-top condition and minimize defect occurrences.

This means achieving your KPIs and SLAs become much easier, which will lead to improvement in your financial bottom line.

Optimization of Asset Lifecycle
  • Buildfolio provides more visibility over your assets via succinct & clear data and reports so you will know the performance of your assets at a glance.

  • Allows you to plan your preventive and corrective maintenances much more effective so you can get the best out of your assets throughout their lifecycle.
Secure & Integrate with Your Existing Systems
  • Control access by credentials, hierarchy, roles, locations & work types.

  • Integrate with BMS, BIM, financial systems, IoT devices & more to achieve more automation & efficiency.

Maximize Investments SLA, KPI & ROI

Streamline Organisation’s Workflow Process

Reduce Cost & Enhance Customer Satisfaction


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Keen to find out how KRIS and Buildfolio can help you to manage your project documents and facilities better so you can rise above your competitions?

Simply fill up the form or you may email us at marketing@sqlview.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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