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KRIS Document Management System

Is perfect for

document management system work flow productivity

Productivity & Automation

Have information & documents at your finger tips to get things done effortlessly. Then for other tasks, use KRIS automation so you don’t have to do it yourself.

document management system corporate governance transparency audit

Transparency in Corporate Governance

Sound Document Management System to ensure that the company’s processes & transactions can be audited at any given time by an outside observer. Provide verified supporting documents when called for. Boost public confidence.

document management system data privacy

Peace of Mind with Data Security

KRIS is used by the Singapore Government and enterprises such as NTUC and Far East Organization. Successfully completed all mandated penetration tests and certifications.

document management system work flow productivity

Productivity & Automation

Paperless & Clutter-free Office

KRIS has all the features needed for transiting & maintaining a Paperless Office. E.g. Scanning, Importing, Digital Forms etc. Our Certified Record Consultant will recommend on the best practices of How to Scan, What to Scan, What to Store & How long to Store. Be sure to fulfill auditing policies.

Lighten Load with Workflow & Automation

Have documents automatically routed from one co-worker to another for different stages of processing & approval.

Fast Search

All You Need to find Any Document Within Your Document Management System. Use A Powerful Search that searches even within the content of documents.

No Duplicated Folders

Tight and established folder structure. No more creation of inappropriate or duplicate folders by users. Users will systematically file to the right folders

document management system corporate governance transparency audit

Achieve Transparency which is Critical to  Corporate Governance

Centralized storage for Critical Documents. No more worries about missing documents

Information is kept centrally systematically. Knowledge is retained regardless of staff movement and passing of time. Evidences of business dealings available whenever needed.

Email Records Kept Safe

Within MS Outlook, Saves Entire Email Conversation & Related Conversations. Holistically capture the context and history related to the matter.

13 years of best practices in corporate governance. All yours immediately

KRIS is built with 13 years of best practices in corporate governance. Your department will naturally follow the best practices as they use KRIS.

document management system data privacy

Data Security, Peace of Mind

Battle tested server

Battle tested over 13 years and subjected to extreme penetration test; KRIS is trusted and deployed in various Singapore government agencies.

No Confidential Information Leakage

Only authorised personnel can access sensitive information. Control access by hierarchy, department, project team etc. Safeguard files such as HR personnel files, high-level meeting minutes and more. No more unauthorised access, modifications and deletions within the company.

Consultants & experts stationed in Singapore for your successful implementation

Be assured of successful implementation. We have a proven track record of successful project implementation at different business sectors. Tap into our knowledge base to get advises on the best practices. Realise the benefit of a Document Management System.