Why you need business continuity planning

Because unforeseen events happen. These events can hinder your business’ daily operations or put it to a halt. As the hours and days go by you still incur expenses (you still have to pay your employees and the rental) and yet your employee and machines stay still, unable to generate revenue.

Are you prepared if any of these scenarios happen today?

  1. A worldwide virus outbreak that is able to put entire countries into stand-stills. No one turns up for work because employees run the risk of contracting the deadly virus simply by taking public transport or being coughed at.
  2. A power/utility failure because the power plant is swept and flooded by a tsunami.
  3. Your office building collapsed because of terrorist activities.
  4. Your suppliers or contractors stopped supplying because they themselves are paralysed by an unforeseen event.
  5. A digital virus invaded into your data centre and you lost digital data?
  6. Theft/vandalism
  7. Adverse publicity
  8. Fire

Hence you need business continuity planning, so your business can continue to generate revenue while others come to a standstill.

It is also very assuring for your customers to know that you will still be there for them during a disaster. Reliability and resilient that comes from good business continuity planning can even be the why your customers to choose your service instead of a competitor.

You need to do this for yourself (For its not easy to build a business), your employee, your customers and the reputation of your business.

This is a multipart series of articles by SQL View on the topic of business continuity. SQL View is headquartered in Singapore. Its flagship product is the KRIS document management software in use by Singapore government agencies and enterprises such as NTUC, Far East Organization and Singapore Post.