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One central repository. Easy and effortless. Information and Documents within your fingertips.

Pre-construction Agreements, Planning Applications, As-Build Drawings, Notice To Proceed, Notice of Substantial Completion, CAD drawings, Operations Manuals, Vendor Agreements and more. Secure every document within KRIS Document Management System in a systematic folder hierarchy. Access any document with Fast Seach Tool that searches even within images.

Version control with clear audit trails ensures that only the correct version of a document is used.

Information and specs can change during the course of the project. Ensure that the teams are all referenced to the correct version. At a glance grasp the number of versions created, who created the initial document, who updated it, when was it updated and who has accessed the document.

The streamlined tender preparation process

Entire teams can work together seamlessly to complete all the different documents needed for bid submittal.

Information and requirements from the developer can be store into KRIS in systematic folders and subfolders. Role-based access ensures that only relevant personnel get access to the files. Teams can self-help to find the needed information. Document Version Control and Document Change Tracking ensure that the latest and correct information is used. Finished components from different teams can be uploaded to systematic folders pre-created based on tender requirements in preparation for bid submission.

Peace of mind with information security

Role-based security for each folder ensures that only authorized personnel can access the information. It has passed mandatory penetration tests and deployed even in Singapore government agencies.

Built for information sharing and integration with BIM platforms

KRIS can integrate with the BIM platform that you are using. CAD drawings can be easily shared and updated between counterparts and imported directly into the BIM software. Version control ensures that the correct version is used by BIM for modeling.

Cost savings and efficiency with paperless projects

Paperless projects mean cost saving from printing and storage. Engineers and surveyor are able to work on the latest and correct version via digital devices on-the-go.