Document Management System for Security of HR Personnel Files

The HR department is a treasure trove of personal data—job histories, family backgrounds,  job performance reviews, remuneration histories, medical conditions and more. Company reputation and shareholder confidence are at stake, few company can afford a bleach of confidential personal data especially in the HR department.

Instead of storing applicant and employee personnel files (p files) in mobile laptops or in physical cabinets, it is best to secure these information systematically & holistically in a central secured system.

Password protected access with role based access

A Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) has role based access function where only authorized users within the HR department can upload, access or download specific folders or documents. Example, P files of high level management positions are accessible only by senior HR executives and not accessible by junior grades due to the high profile hiring process which may impact stock prices and company outlook. Another example would be P files of certain departments & teams are accessible only by the HR executives assigned to the departments.

Audit trails. Know exactly who uploaded, modified or accessed the information

When our files are paper based and stored behind keys and locks, we are unable to confidently track who has viewed, modified or removed the physical files. We may not even know that certain files existed and have gone missing. With an Electronic Document Management System we will be able to account for every single file that is uploaded into the system. The EDMS will record for each file the details of its creation (who uploaded it & when it was uploaded), details of it being accessed or modified.

Keep information within the system. Peace of mind against theft or missing devices

A capable document management system will come pre-built with a document viewer that is able to view all necessary file formats. With this function, users do not need to download the personnel files into their laptop or devices in order to view the files. With this, confidential information are kept within the confines of the document management system and not taken out.

Fulfill country & region specific retention regulations

With an EDMS, users can specify the retention period of each document created. Personnel files that met certain conditions (e.g. staff has resigned) and after being kept a specific period of time (in line with the country’s retention regulation) will be automatically archived or purged from the system. This will reduce the data security liability of the company and satisfy audit regulations holistically.