Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) Buyer’s Guidebook


This guidebook crystallizes more than 25 years of our experience gleaned from serving clients in the domain of document management. This is our gift to enterprises to aid them on the crossroad of choosing an EDMS suitable for their use.

Easy to read

It’s no fun when you don’t understand what you read. This guidebook aims to be accessible even for readers with little IT background as we do our best to explain and amplify the technical jargons. When we go through the functions of the document management system, the key is to understand the purpose of that function and how they are relevant to your situation.

After finishing this guidebook, you will be able to make an informed decision regarding which system would serve your organization best.

Tables for Your Use

Some sections of our guidebooks are written into tables and checklists with spaces for you to pen your thoughts and notes. The tables ensure that you do not miss out key factors in your decision making. So arm yourself with a pencil and use them!

Content of EDMS Buyer’s Guidebook