Electronic Forms: The Building Blocks of Automation

Electronic Forms: The building blocks of work processes for workflow automation within EDMS.

Functions & purpose they serve Is this an important feature for your use case?
Form Creation

Can users create their own forms whenever the need arises? 

Or does it have to be pre-configured by the vendor during the implementation phase?

If the user can create their own forms, is it easy to accomplish this? 

E.g. by a drag and drop user interface, drop-down user interface or does it requires coding knowledge?

Can we create field rules such that certain fields are hidden and not required unless the user selects a certain option?

E.g. If the user opts in to receive marketing materials, additional fields for the user to specify preferred channels of communication such as email, SMS and physical mail will then appear. This will allow us to create forms that are clean and short least it intimidates the customer.

Document Attachment to Forms

Can the forms module support document attachments?

E.g. for a loan application form commonly used in banks, can we configure the form to allow customers to upload their income statements and other supporting documents for collaterals. And once the application is approved can the attachments be captured together into the document management system for audit and reference?

Auto-Populate Information by Querying Internal or External Database

Is the form module able to auto-populate fields to make it more convenient for the customer?

For example, if the customer keys in the 6 digits postal code will the form be able to auto-populate the block number street details of the address.