Managing your Documents within the Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)

Process of using the EDMS and managing your documents within it.

Functions & purpose they serve Is this an important feature for your use case?
Intuitive Folder View

Is there an intuitive folder view so users can understand the structure of how the data is organised at-a-glance? Due to the prevalence of Microsoft Windows, most users may be familiar with the MS Windows Explorer view where subfolders are indented below main folders in a tree-like structure. This structure is commonly known as the folder tree view.

See Detail of Documents Easily

From the folder explorer, can we quickly see a preview and detail of the documents? 

For example:

  • Folder path, 
  • Date filed, 
  • Date modified, 
  • Version history, 
  • Who filed it, 
  • Size, 
  • The number of times downloaded/viewed etc. 
  • The number of files within the folder
  • Can the admin change the fields to be displayed?
Preview or View without Downloading

Are we able to quickly preview or open the document within an inbuilt viewer without downloading the file? 

Version Control

Upon selecting a file can we see the version history of the file? How many versions are captured within the EDMS that precedes the current version?

Can we easily compare the difference between the old and new version? 

E.g. to open the documents side-by-side with inbuilt viewers and automatically highlight the difference between the 2.

Can we revert to an older version if needed?
Relationships Between Documents

Can we link documents that are related to provide a more holistic picture to the users? E.g. linking the PDF or screenshot of the actual media release to the documents that commissioned the media platform for the media release. 

Another example would be to link the Brochure, P.O, invoice and warranty associated with the purchase of an asset. We can also include linkage to the email conversation between the staff and the vendor.

Can users place annotations within the documents?
Can the text within the annotations be searched by the search function?
What can we add in the annotation? Can we add text, images, hyperlinks and links to other documents?
It is important that annotations do not change the original document in any way.
Rearrangement of Pages

Can we rearrange the pages of the documents within the EDMS? When the pages are altered, does the EDMS automatically keep a copy of the original before the page change for proper version control? 

Accessibility Options

What kind of accessibility options does the system have? E.g. support for magnification, high contrast and text reader.

Check-in / Check-out

In the event that records consist of digital and physical documents, does the EDMS support check-in/ check-out of physical documents?

This way we can track who has loaned the documents and where we can find them.