Record Management

You can refer to the section “Document Management System Vs Record Management System” for a better understanding of what Record Management is and in what ways it is different from document management.

Functions & purpose they serve Is this an important feature for your use case?
Handling of physical files alongside digital ones

Is the system able to handle physical files, folders and documents alongside digital ones?

  • This involves the ability to list down the physical files in a folder tree for the administrator to keep track of the physical documents under his/her care.
  • The function that allows the administrator to link up related physical records to provide more holistic information and better contextual background to the records.
  • Tag a retention period to the documents and automatically prompt the administrator to archive or destroy them when the time comes. 
  • It should have the ability to keep track of who has loaned the document out and who has returned the documents. 
  • To keep track of events such as records transfer. At any one time, we are able to find out the location of each physical file and folder. This will also provide an audit trail of who has accessed the document. 
Support for a wide variety of format

Is the EDMS able to save digital files such as audio files, video files and program files? Most importantly is it able to support the types of files your organization needs for record-keeping.

Safeguard against legacy software

When we upload files into the EDMS, it is preserved in its native format, e.g., DOC, MP4, CAD, XLS & PPT.

A good EDMS will keep a copy of the native version and generate a pdf copy alongside it. This pdf copy is useful as it 

  • The PDF is useful as it allows the EDMS to generate a fast preview of the document for the user to conveniently and quickly view the information within the built-in document viewer. 
  • The PDF copy also ensures that the document is readable years down the road when the native app to open it is not readily available. E.g. in the year 2020, we will struggle to find a terminal that runs Word Perfect or Lotus 1 2 3.
The Setting of the retention period

Does the system allow you to specify how long the record should be kept before the EDMS prompts the admin to archive or destroy the record?

Is the system able to automatically tag a retention period to a record based on the type of file or folder it is filed into?
Can the system automatically notify you of records that are reaching their disposition or cut-off dates?
Retention of metadata after the destruction of the record

Can the system preserve the metadata of a record after its destruction?

Is the EDMS able to holistically perform the functions of document management (as listed out in the tables before this) as well as the functions of record management?
Is the system able to automatically and seamlessly perform both functions on the same document as the document transit from one stage and purpose to another through workflow processes?


In the HR department, the function of document management is in play as the HR executive prepares the employment contract within the EDMS. Utilising a pre-built form with clear tool-tip instructions of how to populate the fields and drop-down menu options, the HR executive generates a customised employee contract. 

After the contract is generated, it is automatically routed to a manager for checking. After the manager approves the document, the executive receives an email notification from the EDMS that the contract can be used.

The HR executive meets the candidate to sign off the employee contract within the EDMS using a digital signature pad connected to the EDMS. At this point, a digital copy of the completed contract is automatically sent to the candidate via email.

At this point, the EDMS transits seamlessly to the function of Record Management by automatically keep a digital copy of the contract in the HR depository for record-keeping purposes. It will also tag a retention period to the record. Such that when a certain period of time has passed, it will notify HR that archival or destruction of the record is needed to maintain compliance to regulations such as GDPR.

Is the system ISO 15489 compliant? 
Information Export For Archival On Other Physical Medium

Can the documents and records be exported onto archival tapes, DVD or external hard drives for the purpose of backup or record archival?

Is the export process compliant with the record management guidelines of the environment you are working in?
Are the portable media usable without the main EDMS program? E.g. When we have the DVD, are we able to access the documents on the DVD without the main EDMS software?
During export by the EDMS, has the EDMS created a built-in software that allows users to search and view the documents within the backup medium?