EDMS Workflow and Office Automation

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Functions & purpose they serve Is this an important feature for your use case?
Setting up automated document routing processes

In the demo shown to your by the vendor, Is the process of setting up an automated document routing workflow intuitive and easy to pick up?

Will team leaders or even users be able to independently create document routing processes within the system? 
If it requires trained personnel or admin to do the process setup, is this viable in your situation? 
If we are able to build our own work-flow processes, are there common templates for users to get started easily instead of building the whole flow from scratch?
Rule-based document routing

Is the automated document routing function able to accept rule-based routing? E.g. if the purchase amount on the form exceeds a certain threshold, the document has to be routed to an additional office for approval. Or if the document requires additional inputs at a certain stage, it will be routed to the relevant office for that particular information to be completed within the form. 

Is the rule-based routing able to handle Boolean rules of AND and OR based on the different fields within the forms? 
Automated email notifications and follow-ups

Will there be automated email notification to the relevant party to inform them that there is pending action on their end?

In the event that no action was taken for the pending document, will the system automatically send a followup email to remind the users?
Can the delay and frequency of email notifications and follow-ups be changed?
Overview of all status of all documents in transit within workflows.

Is the management able to see at-a-glance the status of all documents and see where the bottle-necks are? 

When we identify which office is the documents mostly held up and delaying the completion of the entire workflow process, More manpower can be allocated to the specific process to speed up processing.

Will users be able to easily see the status of workflows that they started or are involved in?
Triggering of workflow

Can workflows be trigger based on events (happening within the EDMS or within externally linked systems)?

Can workflow be triggered based on pre-set schedules?
Can workflow be chained up like modules? I.e. the completion of one workflow will trigger another one to start.
Integration of workflow with external software via web services and API

Can the workflow within the EDMS involve other external systems? An easy and flexible way to accomplish this is via web services as intermediaries or via API.