Streamline Signing Process. Expedite Document Turnarounds.

KRIS E-Signature

No more spending extra time and costs in printing documents and deliver them for signing.

No more delays getting documents signed.

E-Signature allows you to digitize your paper documents and send them for signatures automatically anytime and anywhere.

Keep your business moving forward while achieving a paperless office.

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Go Green. No Restrictions. Convenient.

Eliminate paper usage, save costs and make a difference in tackling climate change.

Need to get 10, 100 or 1,000 documents to be signed? No sweat.

You can send unlimited documents for signatures and then retrieve them from a central repository easily.


Sign Anywhere and Anytime

Not at your desk? No problem.

Whether you are transiting to another meeting or attending to personal matters, you can simply sign documents remotely right from your mobile phone.


Let Us Handle the Signature Workflow

Whether you need to send documents to one or multiple stakeholders with simple or complex routing sequences, E-Signature will handle it for you automatically.

Simply input the list of stakeholders, select the routing method and we will take it from there. You can also track the signing progress in real time and send reminders to stakeholders.


Highly Secured. Always.

Forgeries and data leakages? Fret not.

All documents undergo a robust and highly secured signing process. Signers are required to authenticate themselves first before they can proceed to sign. Digital signatures are then sealed with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) protocol and signed documents are certified by a AATL partner, which provides authenticity and prevents tampering.

Audit trail is also automatically generated and stored for every document. Rest assured that signers are who they say they are.


Streamline Business Process and Optimize Resources

Already using other E-Signature providers? Streamline your business process even further when integrated with DocuSign and Adobe Sign.

Automate document filling into a central repository upon signing completion. Manage and retrieve them conveniently from a single source of truth.

Optimize your resources by allowing KRIS to handle all signatures within your organization, while DocuSign or Adobe Sign handles all signatures outside your organization such as contracts and agreements with your vendors and clients.


Accounting /
Financial Services

  • – Agreements
  • – Contracts
  • – Audit documents
  • – Tax verifications
  • – Invoices
  • – Quotations

Human Resource

– Human Resource policies
– Employment contracts
– Onboarding processes
– Appraisal approvals & more


– Patient medical records
– Health/insurance claims
– Vendor/supplier invoices & more

Construction /
Real Estate

– Contracts
– Surveyor reports
– Blueprints/drawings & more

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Enterprise-grade Best Practices to Protect Our Customers’ Data

SQL View utilizes enterprise-grade best practices to protect our customers’ data. We’re currently in the process of pursuing our ISO 27001 Certification. SQL View has built a thorough Information Security Management System (ISMS) that includes the following:

Continuous Security Control Monitoring

Secure Software Development

Data Encryption

Internal Audit Program

Risk Management Program

Vulnerability Disclosure Program