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Pains of the HR Department

1. It was a hassle for users to search for documents in the previous DMS as there was no metadata tagging.

2. P-file has to be created manually in the DMS after creating an account in SuccessFactors during onboarding.

3. P-files had to be manually updated when there was an employee transfer.

4. The HR team has to manually track and dispose of documents when the retention period has expired.

5. The client also needed to generate and mass send letters to their employees, which SuccessFactors could only send one at a time.

Steps Taken With KRIS HR Document Management System:

Step One:

Migrated and meta-tagged all P-files into KRIS Record Manager for fast document search.

Step Two:

Integrated with SuccessFactors to automate P-file folder creation in KRIS Record Manager whenever a new employee is onboarded.

Step Three:

Setup KRIS to update the P-file folder when transfer of employees happens. 

Step Four:

When an employee resigns, KRIS will archive the P-file folder and send an email notification to users after the retention period expires, reminding the user to batch purge the P-files and the documents in KRIS.

Step Five:

Customized a new Mass Document Creation feature where KRIS would mail merge the letters from the template uploaded by users, file it to P-file and send it to Humatrix. Employees can then login to Humatrix portal to view and download the letter.

A Complete Solution for Transformation to a Paperless HR

  • Peace of Mind. A DMS solution trusted by Singapore Government Agencies. Fulfil audit requirements in everyday HR processes
  • End to End Solution.  Bulk Scanning, Importing, One Central Repository, Automation, Document Approval Workflows and Safe Archival/ Disposal.
  • Audit Ready. Grant file access only to the right people with role-based access and track all actions performed with audit trail.
  • Workflow & E-signature.  Automate routing of documents for approvals with E-signature
  • Integrate with major HRM Systems. KRIS can integrate with Workday, PeopleSoft, SuccessFactor and more! Sync between systems to automate the creation and delivery of P-files, forms and letters. 
  • Suitable for 5 – 1,000 users. Buy only what you need. Customise your plan based on users and modules.
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