Single source of truth​

An airline company consolidates crucial documents from 4 different systems into one.

Documents everywhere

The simple everyday task of information retrieval becomes a grueling one when documents are stored in different platforms. Training Records and confidential HR P-files in physical workspaces, Performance Letters in Dropbox and other HR records in Workday.

The HR team needs a single automated archival system that allows instant access to every document within one platform.

Quick steps taken

  1. Physical records are scanned and archived in KRIS DMS using Evidence Act scanning with embedded hash code.
  2. Digital records are migrated into KRIS and filed into the proper folders. Folders are created based on best practices in Record Management.
  3. KRIS integration with Workday module was used to automate P-file folder creation whenever a new employee is onboarded.
  4. When an employee resigns, KRIS would archive the P-file folder and send an email notification to users after the retention period expired, which would direct them to batch purge the P-files and the documents in KRIS.
  5. Documents that were uploaded by users and generated by Workday would automatically be filed into KRIS.

Immediate benefits

  1. The HR team can now easily retrieve information from one platform. There is a single source of truth. Daily tasks become easier and more accurate.
  2. Creation and managing of Personnel files are now automated with the link between KRIS and Workday. Time and energy are saved. There is also reduced risk of missing files.
  3. Access and edits to confidential files are tracked. There is full audit trial tracking.
  4. Added peace of mind as documents stored in KRIS are highly secured which reduces the risk of tampering. Due to the embedded hash codes, documents have their authenticity retained.