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document management system filing effortless

Digital filing can be satisfying and effortless.

Digital filing is a tedious process

Yes, traditionally digital filing is a tedious process but it is the foundation to getting things done, making informed decisions, sharing of confidential information and collaboration. It is also the foundation for governance and accountability, for people to trust that the organisation is working in the correct manner. The documents filed are crucial to complete the audits that comes its way. This is key to the maintaining the trust of shareholders especially for listed companies.

It does not have to be a tedious one. It can be simple to understand & complete with minimum effort

SQL View understands the efforts needed for proper Record and Document Management. We sought to make KRIS Document Management System simple to use and easy to understand. Allowing users to file and reference with minimum efforts. Here are the functions that KRIS has to lighten the load of users.

Smart Email Filing. Satisfying & Effortless.

The bulk of our crucial engagements with counterparts take place on email. It is important that our users be able to capture and secure key email conversations holistically and with ease. We believe it is a daily affair and it has to be a satisfying and effortless process. Hence we built KRIS with Microsoft Outlook integration. Within Ms Outlook you will be able to file the entire email thread together with all the attachments from the first email to the last. And future emails on the thread will be automatically captured into KRIS Document Management System without further actions from the user. Within Outlook, you will see an indicator beside the email threads which are captured and monitored by KRIS. You have a full fledged Email Management System at your disposal.

Dropbox style convenience. Simply drag & drop documents into folders on the desktop.

With the drag and drop feature, folders can be created on your desktop. To file a document, simply drop it into the folder. There is no need to go into the document management system to file a single document. Once the file is dropped into the folder, it can be filed immediately to the online folder which the desktop folder is mapped to. Or you can choose for a prompt to appear for you to specify which specific folder you want to file the document to. Confirm and done.

Create short & well thought out forms to accomplish your task. See them being automatically routed and filed.

Process flows can be setup within KRIS for automation. We have an entire resource to share the benefits of process flow automation and how it has transformed a large Singapore based business.

Forms are powerful building blocks for process flows within a company: Order Forms, Request Forms, Purchase Forms, Leave Forms, Loan Application Forms, Venue Rental Application and more. A well crafted form is clear and succinct to instruct users to provide only the necessary information to start an approval process. You are able to create custom forms and map out the approval journey within KRIS. The forms then go around the company from one approving personnel to the next, gathering signatures and added information until it is completed, finally pushing forward what it set out to do. When all is done, have the form automatically filed into the repository as crucial evidence for future audits, that the purchase or decision made were done through proper hierarchy of approvals. So create effective short forms in KRIS, send them on their way and get things going.

Know where to find all the information you need to get things done.

It is wonderful when you have all the pieces of the puzzle, all the tool you need before you get started on a piece of work. With a good file/folder setup within the KRIS document Management System, you will instinctively know where to look for your information. Your team mates will also be clear on where to find the documents.

Imagine going into the department’s folders and

  1. See a list of intuitive sub folders within the main folder for the different functions within the department. Or sub folders segregating individual cases & projects.
  2. For each folder or file, see additional information such as when it was filed, who filed it, who last accessed it, How many version changes are there for this specific file, what your colleagues have commented on it.
  3. See the other cases that are filed by your colleagues right where you need them. Together the team completes the picture regarding the topic. Allowing everyone to make informed decision and actions.

Powerful search that provides a contextual background.

If you do not feel like browsing and you already know the keyword associated with what you are looking for, simply search. KRIS is built with a powerful search algorithm that search even within images. It is powered by an open source OCR system that is constantly being improved by the community. You are then given the option to sort the results based on different perspective. E.g.

Sort by:

  1. Date filed or modified,
  2. The people who filed it,
  3. Confidentially level,
  4. File format,
  5. Relevance to specific departments or functions within the company.

If its an email, you can see the entire email thread surrounding the matter and all the relevant email attachments as well.

People continue to use the system and continue to diligently file crucial documents.

There is a high chance that people will continue to use the system and diligently file crucial document simply because the platform is simple to use and requires minimum effort. Staff will very soon see and taste the benefits of the system.