One central location Icon
  • Powerful search puts information at your fingertips
  • A full-fledged system to manage both digital & existing physical documents. Leapfrog your digital transformation journey towards a paperless office
  • Foundation for business continuity
  • Efficiency when working from home
  • Automate everyday office tasks
  • File emails directly from within Microsoft Outlook.
Data security Icon
  • Trusted by government agencies and over 11,000 users
  • Get role-based access, audit trails and data security reports
Modular System Icon Modular system.
Buy only what you need
  • Mix and match modules that seamlessly integrate with your current systems
  • Customisable and scalable
  • Comes in on-premise and cloud versions


Start of your Digital Journey

Implementation of:
– KRIS Record Manager
– Smart Mail Organizer
– File Tracker
No more struggles with physical documents
One-stop low-cost scanning service to digitize all existing records. No more missing documents
A central place to store all critical documents systemically and securely. Find them easily using powerful keyword search and clean folder trees. Enable remote work
Equip your staff and enable them to work from home effectively and securely. No fear of knowledge loss as employees leave the company
Centrally filed documents ensure all critical files are in place and easily located by co-workers and newcomers. Peace of mind with data security
No physical or digital documents are left lying around unsecured. A system that withstood penetration tests by the Singapore Government.

Critical documents viewed from within KRIS. There is no need to download into individual laptops. This minimises the danger of data leakage.

Collaborate securely and effectively
Share documents easily within the organization. 3 4

Automate Processes

Implementation of:
– E-submission
– Digital Signature for Internal KRIS Users Automate everyday office tasks
Free your staff for what matters. Automated document routing reduces the need for physical forms and the need to manually move the forms around the office for signatures. The system will also send email reminders if there are documents pending your approval. Pre-built workflow templates
Enjoy convenience with pre-built templates such as purchase requisition, leave applications and more. Become faster and more effective
Dashboards to identify workflow bottlenecks at a glance. Digital Signature
Sign documents on-the-go

Extend to External Use

Implementation of:
– Digital Signatures for External Parties
   > Digital Signatures for External Parties
   > Integration with DocuSign
– KRISign Provide convenience to your clients
Secured document sharing with your clients.

Enjoy convenient workflow and approval processes that include external parties such as your clients and vendors.


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