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Effortless Email Capture. Without Affecting Your Work

Auto capture the entire email conversation regardless if the subject used has been changed. All attachments will be captured together with the emails. You can also instruct KRIS to automatically file incoming future emails related to the same issue.

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Grasp What Took Place Easily

Uncluttered, To-The-Point. We are not contented with just displaying contents. KRIS Email Management System shows you the context and the relationships within the email thread. So you can easily grasp what actually took place.

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Get all conversations with 5Sec. Searches even within content of Emails. KRIS Email Management System is integrated with KRIS Document Management System. You can access all documents related to the email at the same time.

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Insights Made Obvious with Email Analytics.

See who was dominating the email conversation. How long did the conversation thread stretched? Who are the parties involved?

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Glides So Well With MS Outlook


Save & Secure Important Emails Instantly From Within MS Outlook. Dedicated “FILE TO” button allow you to saves Entire Email Conversation & Related Conversations. Indicator within outlook to show filing status at a glance.

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