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The different objectives for organisations to implement a Document Management System.


document management file collate booklet

The joy and simplicity of reading documents of different file formats using one fast and intuitive viewer

Regardless if the content is made up of Word documents, Powerpoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, images or email correspondents, Easily swipe ...
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document management system filing effortless

Digital Filing can be satisfying and effortless

Yes, traditionally digital filing is a tedious process but it is the foundation to getting things done, making informed decisions, ...
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artificial intelligence and document management system

Artificial Intelligence in Document Management Systems

If I have an hour, I will spend it on making another sales call to top up my sales numbers, ...
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Corporate Governance

difference between document management system and record management system

What is the difference between Record Management System & Document Management System?

Here are some ways modern Electonic Document Management System (EDMS) accomplishes this: Enabling users to find documents immediately using strong ...
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digital transformation governance

Automation with Digital Forms Promotes Governance

Digital Transformation is the process whereby a company changes it Business Activity, Model and Competencies in order to leverage on ...
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Data Protection

personal data security for document management system

Data security. Why you can enjoy peace of mind with KRIS Cloud

KRIS Clould utilized the Amazon Web Service (AWS). Amazon promises all the fundamental building of blocks of security. E.g. Network ...
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block chain document management system

Blockchain Document Management System

Block Chain technology started out powering the Bitcoin. Technology start-ups are harness its strength for many other uses. Record and ...
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Business Continuity

document management system business continuity

Ensure Revenue Is Not Impacted When Your Key Worker Leaves

Your staff and workers may leave eventually. The possible reasons? Too many. New family arrangements, desire for a new environment, ...
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KRIS Document Management System is our flagship product and pillar in Enterprise Transformation processes. Used by more than 2,000 users. Installed in government and enterprises. Build from ground up for convenience and security.